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My TV debut on local news

On June 12, 2014 Gerard Pepin was arrested. A month prior I had written to his ex-wife trying to learn more about this stranger I shared my bed with. Charlene became distraught thinking about their business they had and the potential for sexual abuse. She went to WLBZ in Bangor, Maine in hopes to be able to notify the public. One week later we were interviewed and the news story was aired.

I became aware on May 13, 2016 that my link to the interview is no longer available since two years have passed. When it aired I had taken a movie and would like to apologize of the quality. As you will see in the beginning I had a small issue with balance. So please barre with me. I’m working on getting the clip from WLBZ but until then I want to retain one of the popular links. I would love if you would drop me a line if you saw the newscast two years ago.